Beautiful gift boxes filled with treats

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And Relax Package.jpg
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Chocolate Lovers
And Relax...
Time for a Brew

The surprise inside...

There’s no better feeling than receiving a gift - especially when it’s unexpected. The joy as the wrapper tears away and the box opens to reveal the surprise inside. Thank goodness for Love a Gift, saving you time and ensuring your loved one receives a gift that’s delicious and practical. A surprise than means much more than the treats within.

And Relax Package.jpg

Next day delivery available

A gift for everyone

Personalised message


Let someone know you're thinking of them

Everyone enjoys receiving a gift box. With Love A Gift, you’re sending that special someone much more than a celebratory treat or gesture of thanks, you’re sending a parcel filled with kindness. Like a giant hug in a box, personalised, packed with multiple goodies and shipped directly to their door from the bottom of your heart. 

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